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Implementing Lean Technology

It is critical that Technology be developed and implemented after the Process has been mapped and the People issues have been addressed. We have many tools and techniques that aid in the implementation and continual practice of Lean Thinking. Some examples include:
  • Web-based Kaizen systems which allow easy entry of Kaizen suggestions as well as group review and comment capabilities.
  • Electronic Kanbans through company based Intranets. This controls the processes and implements a pull-based production system.
  • Web-based Andon Boards which make it easy for anyone, anywhere to get instant production status.
  • Allow first and second tier suppliers electronic access to production demands and Kanbans . This allows outside vendors to react to pull requirements.
  • Work with production staff to right-size production machinery and implement new tooling technology to facilitate reductions in change-overs.
  • Company-wide, web-based Lean Thinking guidelines that are accessible to all employees as well as lean-qualified first and second tier suppliers.