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Updated 7-11-00
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Harbeson And Associates Award Harbeson & Associates
I am very flattered you picked my site as one of the first awards you applied to. As you continue to apply for awards you will see that there are a bunch of different types. Some give award graphics away just for sending an email. Many do not even visit your site to see, the award is simply sent as a response to your email.
Other sites, like mine, make a serious attempt to review the applicant by looking at each and every page. We use a series of judges, not just one person to help insure we make an ethical decision on your efforts.
I guess I am writing all this to let you know that you've applied to a site that does do a very thorough review and does not send awards casually, in fact out of well over 200 applicants we have awarded only 9 Gold Medals, a few more Silver and a few more Bronze awards. Most get nothing, not even a resppnse from us.
Nielson Web Sites And Business Graphics Nielson Web Site & Business Graphics
Thank you for submitting for the Gold Award. I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too.