Gateway To Being Lean

Executive Seminar For Lean Manufacturing



Discover how to:

·   Decrease manufacturing cycle time up to 70%

·   Reduce inventories up to 90%

·   Reduce new development time by 50%

·   Reduce scrap & rework by 90%

·   Improve cash flow

·   Increase capacity by 50%

·   Reduce indirect labor by 50%

·   Reduce lead times from months to days

·   Reduce changeovers from hours to minutes

·   Increase shipping & billing frequency


“Japanese automaker’s renowned strength isn’t just the result of cheap capital, their state-of-the-art factories or strong support from their government.  The secret is lean production.” – USA Today


“The fundamentals of this system are applicable to every industry across the globe…[and] will have profound effect on human society – it will truly change the world.”  - New York Times Magazine


Seminar participants will learn how to ensure their company survives through Lean Manufacturing to strengthen their supply base, improve quality and productivity, encourage and stimulate teamwork and communication, enhance their company’s visibility and agility, and reduce manufacturing cycle time while improving on-time delivery.


Who should attend?

Each company is required to send two to four representatives, with at least one being an executive who is responsible for initiating the change to lean manufacturing, and another representative who is responsible for directing the lean implementation within the plant.  There is a limit of three different companies per seminar.

On-site seminars are also available for individual companies.  These allow 10-12 employees to attend.

Possible seminar attendees are:



Vice Presidents

Manufacturing Managers

Plant Managers

Directors of Manufacturing

Union Representatives

Manufacturing Engineers

Process Engineers

Production Managers

Training Coordinators

Maintenance Professionals

Team Leaders


Seminar Highlights

Changing from mass to lean production

What problems does Lean Manufacturing address

Flow, Pull, & Leveling production principles

Implementing 5S’s

Defining production flow within a plant

Defining and using Value Stream Mapping

Learning to spot muda

Implementing Kanban communication methods

Using Kaizen to identify lean goals

Achieving the Value Stream Vision


Seminar Flow

Day 1 8:00am-5:00pm

Day 2 8:00am-5:00pm

Day 3 8:00am-2:00pm

Understanding Lean Concepts

Study Toyota Production System

What is value? Who is the customer?

The history of production

Understanding muda

Learning Value Stream Mapping

Analyzing “door-to-dock”

Value Stream Mapping Exercises

Engineering lean.

How to implement Lean

Pitfalls and traps to avoid

Defining the next step

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