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Updated 7-11-00
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McCord Consulting Group
Businesses are much like a three-legged stool, with legs consisting of Process, People, and Technology. Ignore one of these legs, and the entire stool falls.
- W J McCord

It has been said that people are a company's greatest asset. After defining the process, we work with the people to help them with the process implementation.
  • During the initial implementation, we work within the company teaching employees Lean Manufacturing disciplines using in-house workshops
  • Develop specialized training seminars for new employees to teach the new production techniques
  • Aid in developing new job requirements to support Lean Manufacturing
  • We offer advanced CAD/CAM training specifically tailored towards companies' objectives, new processes and products
  • Teach all employees to use Poka-yoke techniques and Taiichi Ohno's Five S's in all of their daily tasks
  • Work with Management, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Production to ensure all parties understand and pursue a common goal