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Updated 7-11-00
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McCord Consulting Group
Businesses are much like a three-legged stool, with legs consisting of Process, People, and Technology. Ignore one of these legs, and the entire stool falls.
- W J McCord

Studying, definining, and implementing the process is our #1 priority and our first step. We have developed a complete toolkit of techniques to work with our customers to refine their processes across their entire company.
  • We specialize in developing, teaching and aiding in the conversion to Lean Thinking. Our Lean Manufacturing model is based on the Toyota Production System
  • We map the process using Value Stream Mapping techniques to identify any potential problem areas and develop a Future Value Stream Map to identify future process flow
  • We work with the entire company, as well as first and second tier suppliers, to get a macro view of the process. We employ a dock to door process that is inclusive of all tasks within the company
  • ISO-9000 specfications can be derived using our process maps. By stressing quality and repeatability, we help to instill the disciplines required for the ISO certifications
  • The process is developed with measurable milestones to give immediate feedback on the state of implementation. This is an excellent tool for understanding how the implementation is progressing
  • We continue to work with customers after the initial implementation to ensure that the process is constantly being refined. Our process implementations include a 1 year, 2 year and 5 year plan for future growth and capital planning